3 essential tips to buy bed sheets

The key ingredient to your bedroom décor is the bed sheets. Prepping up the look in a jiffy, bed sheet can highlight the room creating the focal point. Hence it becomes imperative to select bed sheet sets with utter care.  Though appeal is one of the factors to be considered, comfort and durability matters a lot in the long run and hence a bed sheet that scores perfect in these domains can only emerge as the true winner. Buying bed sheets online opens a platter of options to choose from ensuring that each and every taste is met with ease. Online portals display myriad varieties which keeps one in a perplexed state of mind. Here are some guidelines which will come in handy to select the apt bed sheet for your home.

Bed Sheets Online

1) Focus on Fabric-

Whether it is a plain simple bed sheet or designer bed sheets, the first thing to look for is the fabric. The perfect comfortable fabric is Egyptian cotton which is very soft in texture and comfortable in appeal. Cotton is the best fabric when looking for a breathable fabric that whisks away moisture easily. However, cotton wrinkles very fast and hence mixing it with polyester can help to make it somewhat wrinkle free. Satin and silk can give a luxurious appeal although they may not be breathable enough. Artificial materials such as rayon and polyester can also be selected, however, it should be kept in mind that they are less breathable and hence moisture retention can be a problem. Nowadays, mixed fabric is quite in vogue wherein the best of the properties are mixed up to ensemble a great piece. This could be a great pick.

Printed Bed Sheets Online

2) Weave type-

There are different weaving patterns which can be clearly illustrated from the texture of the bed sheet. Designer bed sheets with intricate embroidery patterns can easily illustrate the weaving type. Having a close look can give one an idea about the weaving pattern. Flannel is one of the popular weaving patterns for bed sheets, however, variations can be tried out to ensure that the perfect one is received.

bed sheets online3) Thread Count-

Thread count refers to the softness of the fabric which in turn is directly related to the durability. As a general rule the greater the thread count, the softer and more durable the bed sheet is. Technically speaking thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch. Greater threads combined together speak of greater thread count. Bed sheets generally have a thread count between 500 and 1500 and are clearly mentioned in the label. Go for higher levels thread count which vouches for more comfort. Also when selecting fabric such as satin, ensure that the thread count is high for greater durability.

In addition always wash the bed sheets as per the instructions mentioned in the label to ensure that the life of the sheets remains alive and the fresh and crisp look of the first time is retained for maximum time.


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