7 Important Tips before you plan Home Decor

While you plan to update your home decor, your brain bubbles with new and innovative ideas. You wish to change the wall paints, wall papers, wall hangings, overhaul the interior decoration and replace the furniture with trendy items too at times.  Most of us often involve in trying so many things at a time and as a result we are either short of money or things look overdone and messy.

To help you out, here are a few important dos and don’ts to help you out with your home décor plans in the best possible budget.

Creative Home DecorDo’s:

1) Take a look around:

Before deciding to change everything around, just take a look at what you have. Just glance all around you and see what you should retain and what needs to be discarded or revamped. Some things can be polished and retained too, while some others can be decorated or kept in a different place.

2) Save your money wisely:

Brainstorm for new home decor ideas and buy home decor online while keeping things in your budget. Instead of changing the wall paint all over again, you can go for colourful wall stickers and wall decals that would renovate your home in a very cheap way. Wall decals are cheap ways to make your house and living room look exciting and interesting. Be sure that your guests are going to be awestruck as soon as they step in. You can find such amazing ideas for home decor online.

3) There is always an option for reuse:

Nothing can be better if you reuse old and unused items to bring a touch of innovativeness in your home. Try all these home decorating ideas and see how your budget is not only maintained by lessened too. For instance, try creating colourful cushion covers with bird, fish or floral appliqué motifs or stitch and mirror work and spread them on the divan or sofa with ottoman. This immediately brightens up the living area and things look bright and lively. Match it with perhaps a card holder or letter holder on one side of the wall. Bring out the old and unused vases and flower pots, hand paint and decorate them if necessary and use them as decorative items.

4) Pick up handmade items for your home:

Little handmade items can transform the entire look of your home. A handmade candle stand or lampshade picked up from some fair can immediately give an ethnic touch to your home. You can also go for handmade shell curtains or decorative statues that have a folk and ethnic essence. Home decor india will reflect your aesthetic sense and also brighten up your home. If you are a mask lover, pick up some from handicrafts fair and dedicate a wall to the beauty of masks. Wall hangings or paintings from folklores and mythology too are wonderful home decoration items.

5) Be close to nature:

The closer to nature you are the better. Be in the lap of nature all the time by embracing nature in your home décor. You may keep potted plants beside the main entrance or in the balcony or window sill. The greenery and flowers will give your house a fresh attitude every time. The pots can be decorative and acts as beautiful home accessories. You can also pick up flowers on your way home and let the windows open to bring in the air and sunshine into your rooms.

Home Decor IdeasDon’t:

6) Don’t do everything

You may try one theme of decoration for once but don’t do everything together. If you want to keep traditional pieces of furniture and accessories for an ethnic touch, do not buy accessories that are posh and modern as they would seem a complete misfit.

7) Don’t clutter

Remember that home décor is meant to make your house look new and interesting and not cluttered. Do not buy everything under the sun and clutter up every space in your home. It will end up looking like a store room. After all, you need space to move about freely.


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